Music Production Courses

music production courses

at the SAE Bangkok

Music Production Courses

Simon's Music Production Course in Bangkok 2013

Simon’s Music Production Course in Bangkok 2013

Simon Henderson has been a record producer for over 30 years, earning many hits and credits to his name. More recently he has been called Ajarn Simon (Ajarn means teacher in Thai language) since he became a senior specialist lecturer at Mahidol University, and Head of Audio at SAE in Bangkok. He has sold in excess of 8 million albums, several million single downloads, hit the no.1 spot in many countries and won record of the year awards 4 times including MTV Asia Best Band in the 90′s.

His total sales are over 100 times Platinum!

Recent singles over the past two years have achieved over 30 million views on you tube and steadily rising, attracting the attention of Google and you tube for official partnership opportunities.

Now Simon is sharing his secrets by running his own music production courses, even though he is still  an active producer “out in the field” sharing the most current knowledge from recording sessions.



Artists include: Robin Gibb (Bee Gees) – Peter Andre – Brian May (Queen)– Shem (Slacker) – NASA – Cassini’s Division – Jamil Kazmi – John Miles – Suzi Quatro – Silly Fools – LoSo – Asanee Chotikul – Mai –Marsha – Christina Aguilar – Meaw Chirasak – Hangman – Skalaxy – Blackhead – Zeal – ABNormal – Um Amarin – Ing Achita – Mint – Briony – Fly – Lanna – Nuvo – Micro – Dome PakornLam – Abuse the youth – Mummy Daddy – The Poison.




rokz Robin Gibb Photo Session


Teaching music production course

International students editing Robin Gibb vocal


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Simon Napier-Bell Manager Wham - The Yardbirds - Marc Bolan

Simon Napier-Bell Manager Wham – The Yardbirds – Marc Bolan


Simon Napier-Bell

CEO, Attuned Management Ltd 
worked directly with Simon Henderson

“Simon Henderson is a superb record producer – creative and resourceful, well grounded in all contemporary recording techniques and with a personal history in music for over twenty years. He has an ability to take artists and songs, strip out the unnecessary and focus them together into hit recordings. He has found a special niche for himself doing this in Thailand, producing a great number of hit singles and albums for top Thai artists, particularly rock groups.” March 3, 2008







Mick Garbutt – Music Industry Guru


Mick Garbutt

West One Pacific – Work with Simon on the Robin Gibb project.

“Simon Henderson worked on a great track ,written by Robin and RJ Gibb for Peter Andre. Robin has worked with the best of course and it can be intimidating for someone fresh, but Simon was undaunted by this and ‘controlled’ the studio environment as becoming of a producer of such experience. I personally recommended Simon to Robin and would be happy to extol his virtues to other artists requiring a consummate professional.”







Film Producer

Film Producer


Anke Thommen

Executive Producer, Asia Sounds Film & TV, LLC 
worked with Simon Henderson

“Simon Henderson has a great talent when it comes to mixing and recording music. He has been nothing but easy going even under the hardest or strangest of circumstances. And even more importantly he has never used an excuse and always delivered more than we could have asked for. Thanks Simon!” April 3, 2009






John Dang - Artist - Composer - Producer

John Dang – Artist – Composer – Producer


John Dang

John hired Simon Henderson as a Music Mixer in 2007 and hired him more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Simon is an expert in his field, having produced and mixed many hit records within the Thai pop market. Simon Henderson mixed several tracks for me in 2007 and I was delighted with the results. He is one of those rare gems in the music industry – someone who can balance his creative flair with articulated professionalism, consistently producing work of the very highest standard.” March 5, 2008






Dear Khun Dome & Simon,

Thank you very much for the great partnership and accomplishment to make the success to “Iconic Online Audition” campaign.  We very much appreciated and enjoy the opportunity working with both of you and Iconic team.

The campaign has completed with many of key successes. Here are the summarized performance:

  • 15 million impression from Google AdWords advertising
  • 5 million impression from viral marketing
  • 100,000 video view
  • 10,000 live view on the event day
  • 80,000 circle in Google+
  • 702 clips submit to #iconicaudition
  • 42 Media coverage* as we can track
  • became the new benchmark and best showcase of the audition online

Apart of the campaign, we would like to work with Anuban, the winner to promote on Google+ and Youtube. Also to continue the success of the campaign with the post promotion through online media, Google+ and at the conference/event opportunity. We will connect with you for more detail of the promotion soon.

Please accept our sincere thanks again, as we very much appreciated and enjoy the opportunity working with you and your team, and looking forward to have an opportunity to work with you in the near future.

Google Marketing Team

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